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D Tiffany & Roza Terenzi

(Berlin / Vancouver / Melbourne / Planet Euphorique, Dekmantel, Pacific Rhythm)

D. Tiffany rose from a drummer in Vancouver's indie rock scene to one of the most prominent producers in the house revival that swept the city and, eventually, the rest of the world. Since then, she's established a razor-sharp sound with one foot in vintage dance music and the other in the future, using her Planet Euphorique label to release music that traffics in trance, breakbeat, vintage IDM and electro. She's found a kindred spirit in Australian producer Roza Terenzi, who dazzled the Melbourne scene with her sound rooted in bleep techno, electro and trance, putting out records for labels like Good Company, Butter Sessions and Dekmantel, eventually joining forces with D. Tiffany on Planet Euphorique, where she just released her debut album Modern Bliss.

Roza Terenz

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