DJ Stingray 

(Detroit / Urban Tribe, Drexciya, Tresor)

w/ BFF collective + SVDK

Taught to spin by Moodymann and hired by Drexciya as their touring DJ, and a founder of the Urban Tribe group that counts Carl Craig and Anthony "Shake" Shakir as members, Sherard Ingram has Detroit bona fides few could match. It would be no exaggeration to call him one of the world's most important electro artists. He's a famously quick-thumbed DJ and one of the main drivers behind an ongoing electro resurgence that has brought the genre back to the wider dance music limelight, and though he's been around for decades, it's only the last few years that the rest of the world has really caught up to Stingray, as he became a regular on the European techno circuit and released records for labels like Tresor, Presto!? and Unknown To The Unknown. His style remains barebones electro with Detroit soul: tough, fast and funky.


BFF collective

The Best Films Forever Collective is a Berlin visual arts crew born from a cross-section of internet art and the underground electronic music scene. They specialize in documentation and broadcasting of live performances, as well as niche documentaries and music videos, and have worked with artists like Steve Reich and Kelsey Lu, as well as broadcasting with Boiler Room.




SVDK is French artist Sébastien van der Kwast, who specializes in live-coding, VJing and digital arts.



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Refraction Festival 2020
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