Daniel Rincón

(Montreal / Isla Records)

Daniel Rincón is a Colombian-Canadian artist known for his techno productions under the name NAP, as well as Ambien Baby, his collaborative project with D. Tiffany. But it's with his Isla label that Rincón has made the largest impact. Starting as a tape imprint in 2016 with releases from You're Me, Big Zen and ZDBT, Isla has since evolved into a full-on vinyl label releasing psychedelic electronic music from Canada and beyond, reaching back into the past with archival material from Exquisite Corpse and new music from Michael Red and Rincón himself.

Performance details:

Where do we go to look for answers when we can't find them on the ground? The sky, the ocean; that which is infinite and boundless. The sun sets on the roof of 7119 Rue St Andre, Montreal, as a speaker plays an hour of Champeta, Cumbia, Bullerengue, and Gaitas from the Caribbean region of Colombia. The music in this action; a love letter and dedication to 'La Costa Colombiana'. Herein plays music by some of the most important voices in Colombian music such as; Toto La Momposina, Petrona Martinez, Irene Martinez, La Niña Emilia, Leonor Gonzalez Mina, and many others. The music here makes part of a crucial artery in Colombian culture, as well as the countries' afro Caribbean identity. 

More importantly, Isla would like to take this opportunity to share this wonderful music in order to raise funds for the family of Aura Cañapes Salgado, of Cartagena, Colombia. Curre

ntly, Aura and her family are not able to run the fruit stand that provides them their livelihood, as the beaches in Cartagena continue to be closed to the COVID 19 pandemic. Aura is currently se

eking funds to support her and her family through the pandemic, as well as her immediate community in the low-income neighborhood of Boston, Cartagena. If you enjoy any of the music found in this action, we would encourage you to please donate any amount of money towards Aura's fund here:


The full payment for this performance will go directly to Aura and her family.

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Refraction Festival 2020
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