Ecko Bazz

(Nyege Nyege Tapes) 

Ecko Bazz is a Ugandan rapper whose wild and diverse music exemplifies the creativity of his home country's scene. He raps in the Luganda language about sociopolitical issues from religious strife to the living conditions of the country's poorest people, switching from a rapid-fire flow to anguished screams and yowls. He's released EPs on Nyege Nyege sub-label Hakuna Mulala, ranging from ultra-hard techno to even harder hip-hop produced by pq, and has a fan in Aphex Twin, who has played his music at recent gigs. Ecko Bazz is currently working on an album for Hakuna Kulala set to come out next year with production from Slikback and Debmaster, and has a collaboration will STILL due out on Berlin record label PAN in the near future.

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Refraction Festival 2020
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