Grey93 Showcase


Grey93 has been an innovator in the current movement in live visuals, fashion and design over the past number of years, with collaborations including Travis Scott, Burna Boy and Drake amongst others. For their showcase they have chosen a number of DJs and visual artists in their network to collaborate on the performance. Originally from Nigeria, all 5 members came to Toronto for school, and then started the collective focusing on fashion, music and visual art.

They have curated a full showcase involving Ana B, Maria Yurko, Blackman & Social Purposes. 

July 25th
Grey93 Showcase
Grey93, Ana B, Blackman, Maria Yurko, Social Purposes

Launches ongoing stream as of 20:00 EST on Refraction Festival

Grey 93 - Ana B (New Y

Grey 93 - Blackman (Toronto)

Grey 93 - Maria Yurko (Russia)

Grey 93 (Toronto)

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