Domenico Barra

(Italy, Harddiskmuseum)

Multimedia artist nurturing visions and imagination through the poetic of failure, noise, glitches, net art, human relations and a mission called #WhitePageGallery. He directed the organization of the first Glitch Art exhibition in Italy, Tactical Glitches, curated by artists Rosa Menkman and Nick Briz. In 2016 he was a visiting artist at the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). He teaches glitch art and dirty new media at the Rome University of Fine Art (RUFA) and gives lectures and presentations about glitch art and related topics at academies, schools and festivals. He is the creator of the White Page Gallery/s. White Page Gallery/s is a decentralized and distributed art network born in June 2019: it is an online network for artistic sharing composed of artists, curators, academies, festivals and cultural operators who host independently on their website and without the aim of profit art projects made and curated by others.

Title: Fuck the System

Artwork description:
The world is going through radical transformation, the need for change is a collective need, we praise it, we desire it. Many are the communities and

networks involved in the many riots, manifestations, activities taking place around the world and online agaisnt racism, against fascists, against pollutions and the extreme toxic waste of our resources, we want to defend our rights, we wnat to defend our future, power to the people. Social media are helping the spreading of information among the communities, we are the witness of our times, we are the narrators of the events. We participate, actively, even from home while we carry on our daily life. Revolution is part of our routine, it is sacrifice but also it is cool, sexy, fun. We make memes to speak and make our protest viral. Fuck the system triptych is based on the famous meme and picket slogan "Sex is good but have you ever fucked the system" and it does it appropriating the slogan and applying it in the context of a private moment, on the bed, presumely after sex, to state that even when we are in our privacy and doing other things we can not stop thinking about revolution, we still take part in the protests, everytime in every occasions and from everywhere we are, simultaniously while we chill, eat, work, fuck, non-stop, always involved and engaged, part of it. We are the revolution!

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Refraction Festival 2020
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