(Chicago / Mathematics, Ninja Tune, Ghostly)

Where to start with Jamal Moss? In addition to appearing on most major electronic music label you could think of—including Ninja Tune, Ghostly, Soul Jazz et al—and running his own important house imprint Mathematics, Moss has released raw and forward-thinking dance music under several aliases including Hieroglyphic Being, I.B.M. (Insane Black Man), The Sun God and, now, SoMuchNoise2BeHeard. Mentored by legendary Chicago house producer Adonis, Moss takes that blueprint and takes Chicago house out into space, inspired by the Afrofuturist works of Sun Ra. His is a hybrid sound that works on the dance floor and feeds your head at the same time. With a discography that numbers over hundreds of releases touching on several different scenes, it's tempting to call Moss a Renaissance man—but the kind of futuristic art he makes has nothing to do with 16th century standards.


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Refraction Festival 2020
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