(Los Angeles / Fade To Mind, Night Slugs)

Hitmakerchinx has a keen understanding of dance music because he's an incredibly talented dancer by trade, even touring with Rihanna as one of her main stage dancers in 2016. The New York artist helped invent not only a dance style but the genre that soundtracks it: flexn and flex dance music, or FDM, based off the Bruk Up style from mid-'90s Brooklyn. The dances are known for exaggerated and eccentric flair, right down to facial movements and expressions, and the music is just as strange, rooted in dancehall with the thrust of ballroom and a swing all its own. Hitmakerchxxx remains at at the centre of this sound, with FDM anthems like "Earthquake" leading to a retrospective album released jointly by influential club music labels Night Slugs and Fade To Mind, as well as an inspired collaboration with UK funky producer KG on Goon Club Allstars and work with artists like DJ Mustard, as he continues to take New York's FDM sound to the rest of the world.


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Refraction Festival 2020
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