Refraction is a festival and ongoing project celebrating electronic music, visual art & internet culture.

Thank you to all of our artists, musicians and partners who contributed to the first edition. To watch all of the archived performances, you can view them here — or special features with our partners at Contact, Crack, FACTMUTEK, Public Access and Worldwide FM.

Donations at are encouraged to support Color of Change, The Bail Project, Primary ColoursThe Okra Project & Afrotectopia.

Musical Performance Schedule

July 17thTawiah + Myrrh • Marcellus Pittman w/ Clips Co-op
Premiere with FACT at 20:00 CET

July 18thMathew Jonson • Ciel w/ Sandro S. Petrillo
Premiere with
MUTEK at 20:00 CET

July 19thYu Su
Premiere with FACT at 20:00 CET

July 21stMood Hut AV
Premiere with Worldwide FM at 21:00 CET

July 21stContact Showcase: Sapphire Slows • Gonno + Genki Nishida • DJ Sodeyama + Manami Sakamoto
Premiere with
Contact at 20:00 JST

July 22ndAkiko Nakayama • Pacific Rhythm w/ Deep Gnome
Premiere with Worldwide FM at 21:00 CET

July 22nd Amazondotcom • Hieroglyphic Being Presents SoMuchNoise2BeHeard • The 83rd
Premiere with Crack at 20:00 CET

July 24thHitmakerchinx • DJ Stingray w/ BFF collective + SVDK • Venetta
Premiere with FACT at 20:00 CET

July 25thNyege Nyege Tapes: DJ Diaki • Ecko Bazz • MC Yallah • Afrorack • Rey Sapienz & Fresh Dougis • HHY & The Kampala Unit • DJ Duke
Premiere with FACT at 20:00 CET

July 25thGrey 93 Showcase: Grey 93 • Ana B • Blackman & Social Purposes • Maria Yurko
Premiere at at 20:00 EST

July 26thSéance Centre • dreamcastmoe w/ care of tyrous morris
Premiere with Public Access at 20:00 EST

July 28thMuqata'a • object blue w/ Natalia Podgórska • Omar-S • MoMa Ready
Premiere with Crack at 20:00 CET

July 29thDaniel Rincón • D Tiffany & Roza Terenzi • Reptant • Regularfantasy w/ Ariana Molly
Streamed with
Dublab. In partnership with MUTEK. Premieres at 20:00 PST onwards

July 30thRefraction Closing
Channel Tres

Visual Arts Schedule

July 16th—31st Refraction x Well Now WTF
Alex McLeod  Anneli Goeller • Antonio Roberts Casey Reas Chiara Passa d0n.xyzDaniel TemkinEmilie GervaisEltons Kuns Everest Pipkin Hannah Neckel Hyo Myoung Kim Janet40 Jillian McDonald LaJuné McMillian Lilly HandleyMark KlinkMolly Erin McCarthy Olivia Ross Peter Burr Rick Silva Rita JiménezHaydiroketRodell Warner Rosa Menkmanshawné michaelain holloway Surabhi Saraf Terrell DavisAndres Manniste Theo Triantafyllidis Travess SmalleyTyler KlineView exhibition here or at Well Now WTF

July 16th—31st Harddiskmuseum x Generate Arts

Emilie Gervais • Domenico Barra • Haydiroket • Sandra AraújoSnow Yunxue FuView exhibition at Harddiskmuseum

July 16th—31stAudio Visual Effects Filter Showcase
@felipesalves3 • @juliorlixo@lucii_ferr • @omega.c @tokyyto@vitulox
Ongoing at @refractionfestival

July 16th—31stRobert Gallardo

Ongoing at @refractionfestival

July 22nd

Premiered via Crack

Archived Performance from July 21st

Mood Hut A-V
Premiered via Worldwide FM

Archived Performance from July 21st

Sapphire Slows
Premiered via Contact Tokyo


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