MoMa Ready

(New York / HAUS Of ALTR)

Wyatt Stevens is at the forefront of a young Brooklyn scene that's taking the dance music world by storm. Alongside friends and collaborators such as AceMo, Kush Jones, Jasmine Infiniti and DJ Swisha, he's created a genre-agnostic movement that celebrates all facets of Black electronic music, from old-school Detroit techno to the early days of jungle, drum & bass and more modern strains of American dance music like Baltimore and Jersey club. His HAUS Of ALTR label has become a hub for this community, releasing his own material as well as his critically acclaimed AceMoMA project with AceMo, and two massive compilations that define this new generation of producers. MoMA Ready makes dance music intuitively and without orthodoxy, where techno can suddenly morph into drum & bass and back again.


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Refraction Festival 2020
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