Mood Hut A-V

(Vancouver / Mood Hut, People's Potential Unlimited)

Mood Hut are one of the pivotal crews in today's dance music scene. Starting out as an intimate loft party in Vancouver's Chinatown, Mood Hut—spearheaded by Pender Street Steppers and featuring acts like Local Artist, Aquarian Foundation and Cloudface—developed a sound that became associated with their city: stoned house music with a live instrumentation flair and a musicality influenced by jazz and '80s synthfunk. With hits like Jack J's "Something (On My Mind)," the crew's sound spread around the world, and you can still hear echoes of the group's signature dazed style as the label enters new territory with younger artists like Regularfantasy and RAMZi. Even their visual style is influential, with record artwork and imagery inspired by classic '90s rave flyers that has become an aesthetic all its own, propelling the group to even higher heights with a new emphasis on audiovisual performances.

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