Sapphire Slows

(Tokyo / Contact, Nous, 100% Silk)

Sapphire Slows Ambient A/V Live set

Sapphire Slows makes a unique kind of body music. The Japanese artist, who was driven to start making music after the life-changing 2011 earthquake in her home country, plays outbox gear like keyboards and hardware synths, and is known for layering her tracks with her own voice. The result is ethereal but earthy dance music, with a floaty sense of melody and atmosphere grounded by its physical feel, repurposing the pulse of classic Krautrock for a techno framework. Racking up releases on labels as diverse as Not Not Fun, Nous and Big Love, her style has an emotional appeal that goes beyond the dance floor.


Presented by Contact Showcase:
Contact is an electronic music and cultural hub and nightclub in Shibuya, Tokyo that has been open since 2016.


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