Séance Centre


Séance Centre is the label from Canadian writer, producer, DJ, filmmaker, and archivist, Brandon Hocura. Hocura’s reissue work over the last 10 years has helped revive underexposed electronic folk, new age, ambient, gwo ka, disco, soca, pantsula, kwaito, and notably the work of Canadian artist Beverly-Glenn Copeland. Séance Centre's newest imprint, Mixed Signals, showcases underexposed dance music, including private press records and archival material from around the world.

Dream Voyage Through The Milky Way

Séance Centre’s Brandon Hocura has created an exclusive mix exploring the deep listening, psychedelic and meditative corners of the label’s catalogue. The mix highlights the diverse yet complimentary range of the label, traversing ambient Gwo Ka from Guadeloupe, planetarium music from Mexico, and cosmic electronic music crafted on Manitoulin Island. The accompanying visuals were created by the label’s co-owner, Naomi Okabe.

Séance Centre

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Refraction Festival 2020
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