Eltons Kuns

Title: A Feeling of Pensive Sadness, Typically with No Obvious Cause

Yes, Eltons Kūns is my real name and yes, my mother's favorite song of 1991 was, indeed, Sacrifice. By the way, Kūns is pronounced as (Jeff) Koons. In more ways than one, I am part knight and part asshole. I exist somewhere between true honour and false plagiarism—betwixt two extremes. Exactly in the middle I am. I was educated in New Media Arts, but as many of those exactly in the middle, I lost my calling somewhere between an unpaid bill and an open call. A loud voice of a huge white dog is my routine now as is the sweet laughter of a child. I am not a dog person, and the child is allergic to cats so I am a no person now.

Eltons Kuns

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