Olivia Ross

(Canada, Well Now WTF Showcase)

Artist Bio:

Olivia McKayla Ross is an 18 year-old video artist and programmer from Queens. She makes videos and shares them with her friends. She is additionally interested in interrogating the faith economies that underlay electronics and communications technologies--thinking about how faith and trust are distributed between users and programmers. How is faith accumulated, monopolized, recycled, exchanged, embodied, assigned and weaponized between people, systems, ideals and materials? Emboldened by her perspective as a "digital native," she hopes her work will encourage her generation to nurture a critical relationship with technology and information.

Artwork Details:

The title of the video is "me doing my #gothexercises in my room."  It's a recording of me dancing to Kate Bush's hit song, "Wuthering Heights," in my bedroom, as a way of getting exercise in the absence of a daily commute. It was edited with C++, using the graphics toolkit OpenFrameworks.


Olivia McKayla Ross


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