Rita Jiménez 

Rita Jiménez is a multimedia light-based artist from Jersey City, New Jersey. She documents light play and manipulation through photography and video. Video projections are often combined with other types of media and materials such as mirrors, prisms and diffracted film. In the physical or virtual world, she aims to have viewers "escape" into a different world. She draws inspiration from the sublime, the surreal and the ethereal. Engaging social media, her newest project "Portals" feature found stock images collaged with surreal video imagery. The videos are her own documented light footage of projections, water and diffracted light. The found images are devoid of people, like empty hotel rooms or deserts. She is creating a narrative that magical worlds exist in forgotten, abandoned spaces.

She has a BFA in photography and an MFA in Light Media from New Jersey City University. She has exhibited in Jersey City, New York City, and Barcelona.


Rita Jiménez

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