object blue w/ Natalia Podgórska

(London / TT, Let's Go Swimming)

object blue has found her own place in dance music by staying in-between everyone else. Her sound isn't quite house, techno or experimental club music, but it's also all of those things at once. That tactile style of club music has led her to not only to big festival stages like Sónar but even to fashion events like Paris Fashion Week, where she soundtracked a Vivienne Westwood runway show. She's known especially for live performances, where she can pull on any of the threads that run through her music to make unexpected diversions or beautiful detours, a controlled freeform approach that defines her music. Her latest EP, 2019's FIGURE BESIDE ME, is a good entry-point into her sound: discombobulated techno-like beats that always seem a little off their axis. The EP also shares its name with object blue's audiovisual project with London photographer Natalia Podgórska, who created the artwork for the record and built 360-degree visuals for object blue's live performance.


Natalia Podgórska


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