Refraction 02 

Welcome to Refraction! Thank you to all the artists and partners who participated in Year 01! 

For Refraction 02 the Festival is becoming RefractionDAO. Our goal is to redistribute the value created through digital media events back to creators while building community, enabling collective ownership, and fostering new models of organization.

Look out for our Open Call for Submissions coming in the next few weeks!

Join Refraction 

You can participate in RefractionDAO through the purchase of Festival tokens for access to ongoing events, artist performances, installations, and works.  We believe art truly propels global culture. We envision a collectively governed creative ecosystem of art, music, and events that catalyzes constructive global conversations around the future of creativity and culture.  

Join our community here:

Refraction 01 - MUSICAL ARTISTS — Akiko Nakayama Amazondotcom Channel Tres Ciel w/ Sandro S. Petrillo Contact Showcase : Sapphire Slows, Gonno, Genki Nishida & DJ Sodeyama, Manami Sakamoto D Tiffany & Roza Terenzi Daniel Rincón (Isla Records) DJ Stingray w/ BFF collective + SVDK Dreamcastmoe Grey 93 Showcase : Grey 93, Ana B, Blackman, Maria Yurko, Social Purposes Hieroglyphic Being Hitmakerchinx Kes Lake feat. Lorna Mills Marcellus Pittman w/ Clips Co-op Mathew Jonson Mood Hut A/V MoMa Ready Muqata'a Nyege Nyege Tapes : DJ Diaki, Ecko Bazz, MC Yallah, Afrorack, Rey Sapienz & Fresh Dougis, HHY & The Kampala Unit, DJ Duke object blue w/ Natalia Podgórska Omar-S Pacific Rhythm with Deep Gnome Regularfantasy Reptant Robert Gallardo Seance Centre Tawiah + Myrrh The 83rd Venetta Yu Su

Refraction 01 - VISUAL ARTISTS — Well Now WTF x Refraction : Alex McLeod Anneli Goeller Antonio Roberts Casey Reas Chiara Passa Daniel Temkin Eltons Kuns Everest Pipkin Hannah Neckel Hyo Myoung Kim Janet40 • Jillian McDonald • LaJuné McMillian Lilly Handley Mark Klink Molly Erin McCarthy Olivia Ross Peter Burr Rick Silva Rita Jiménez Rodell Warner Rosa Menkman Shawne Michaelain Holloway Surabhi Saraf Terrell Davis Andres Manniste Theo Triantafyllidis Travess Smalley Tyler Kline Harddiskmuseum x Generate Arts : Emilie Gervais • Domenico Barra Haydiroket Sandra Araújo Snow Yunxue Fu Audio Visual Effects Filter Showcase : @felipesalves3 @juliorlixo @lucii_ferr @omega.c @tokyyto @vitulox